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A team of dedicated Dwiggies nagged the publisher of "Confessions of Fitzwilliam Darcy" so much, that the publisher is reprinting this book!

Confessions of Fitzwilliam Darcy

Jane Austen:

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Pride and Prejudice:

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Mansfield Park:

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Northanger Abbey:

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The Advocate:   VHS tape
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Bridget Jones's Diary:   VHS Tape  dot   DVD  dot   Soundtrack  dot  Paperback
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Conspiracy:   Preorder Tape  dot  DVD
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Femme Fatale:   Videotape
Fever Pitch:   Videotape  dot   DVD  dot   Paperback
Hope Springs (New Cardiff):   Paperback
The Importance of Being Earnest:   Soundtrack   
Lost Empires:   6-Tape Set  dot   3-Disc Set
Master of the Moor:   Paperback
A Month in the Country:   Videotape  dot   Paperback 
My Life So Far:   Videotape  dot   DVD  
Nostromo:   3-Tape Set  dot   Paperback 
Playmaker:   Videotape
Pride and Prejudice:   6-Tape set  dot  SE Set  dot   Soundtrack  dot   SE Hardback 
Relative Values:   Videotape  dot  DVD
The Secret Garden:   Videotape  dot   DVD  dot   Paperback 
Shakespeare in Love:   Videotape  dot   SE DVD  dot   Soundtrack  dot   Screenplay
A Thousand Acres:   Videotape  dot   DVD  dot   Paperback
Valmont:   Videotape  dot  DVD  dot   Paperback 
Wings of Fame:   Videotape


Lord of the Rings: 

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